*The information provided on our website is intended for reference only and is not a complete representation of all program rules or benefits. The Registry Collection Program rules may vary by region and membership type, for complete program rules and benefits please contact your local Reservation Consultant. 


Q: If I book a Reservation through The Registry Collection® program and something happens where I have to cancel or change the dates/location, what are my options?
A: If you have a confirmed a Reservation that has to be changed or cancelled, you will forfeit your transaction fee and possibly a portion of your Credits. However, as a member of The Registry Collection program you can protect your Credits by purchasing Credit Protection. Credit Protection must be purchased within 30 days of booking, and at least 30 days prior to the start date of the Reservation.

Q: I received a telemarketing call from a rental company that wanted to either rent or buy my vacation ownership. Does The Registry Collection program share my personal information with other organizations?

A: The Registry Collection program adheres to its Privacy Policy. For complete information on The Registry Collection program Privacy Policy please click here to view.

Q: Why does your Web site indicate that a property has availability, but when I call I'm sometimes told it is no longer available?
A: Our availability grid is updated daily Monday through Friday, consequently, the listed availability does not display in "real time." Because it can change by the minute, please call a Reservation Consultant to obtain the most current status and exact check-in dates available.

Q: How do I view available locations on The Registry Collection program website? Is it real time availability?
A: We offer a great tool on our website that allows you to preview a sample of available luxury travel experiences. Log on to our website homepage (www.theregistrycollection.com). In the left navigation bar is you will find the button “Availability”. Click on it and it will take you to a page where you can view a date of availability by property. Although this is not updated in real-time, it is a snap shot of availability at the start of each business day. Many members have found this to be a helpful vacation planning tool.

Q: How long are my Credits available for use?
A: You may deposit your Interval as early as two years (730 days) prior to the start-date of the Interval. Once your deposit information has been verified by your resort, the Credits are placed in your account and are immediately available for an exchange. A deposited interval with a start-date that begins within the current year means the Credits are eligible until December 31st of the following year. A deposited interval with a start-date that begins within a future year means the Credits are eligible until December 31st of the subsequent year.

Q: How do I increase the likelihood of exchanging through The Registry Collection program?
A: Depositing your Interval and submitting your vacation request as early as possible, having flexibility in terms of travel dates and alternative locations, and being open to a variety of travel experiences help to increase the likelihood that you will find an exchange. Please discuss the Ongoing Search option with your Reservation Consultant to increase your exchange abilities further. Don't hesitate to call, we are here to provide you with vacation planning advice.

Q: Why are my deposits final transactions?
A: As soon as your deposit is verified by your home property, it is immediately available for exchange and is able to be immediately reserved by another member to satisfy their vacation request. Members' deposit of their Intervals is how we send members of The Registry Collection program on their dream vacations! Therefore, it's important that you (as well as the owners of the properties that you may be interested in) deposit your Interval as soon as you know you'd like to vacation somewhere else.

Q: Does The Registry Collection program have any travel-related options for me if I choose not to deposit my Interval?
A: Absolutely! As a member of The Registry Collection program you have access to several non-exchange, luxury travel-related service providers known as Collection Partners. These companies provide special pricing, added service benefits and unique opportunities that are consistent with a vacation experience in The Registry Collection program. Please call one of our Reservation Consultants to take advantage of the relationships that have been established to be connected with one of our Collection Partners today!

Q: What are the benefits of being on a Ongoing Search?

A: The Registry Collection program exchange process works on a first-come, first-serve basis. Members deposit their intervals at varying times; therefore, being on a Ongoing Search allows us to offer a member available inventory that they are interested in as it comes into our system. Finally, members on the Ongoing Search list do not have to repeatedly call The Registry Collection program to check availability. Remember, you may request to be placed on The Registry Collection program's Ongoing Search two years (730 days) prior to your desired travel date(s).

Q: How far in advance can I book reservations or begin an Ongoing Search?
A: Members can reserve vacations, or begin an Ongoing Search if the desired location is not immediately available, up to two years in advance of the check-in date. We encourage our members to plan two years in advance to have the most success in obtaining their desired vacation.

Q: How will I know when a vacation opportunity becomes available from a Ongoing Search?
A: All Ongoing Searches are managed through our computerized database which continuously searches to find you the vacation opportunity that meets the criteria indicated to the Reservation Consultant. This is monitored on a daily basis and if your desired vacation becomes available, a Reservation Consultant will either telephone or email you—whichever you prefer—with the details.

Q:What if there isn't availability at one of The Registry Collection properties in the area where I want to vacation?
A: The Registry Collection® program is pleased to offer our members access to more than 500 resorts representing nearly 40 locations that are associated with RCI’s vacation exchange network. Achieving RCI’s highest quality award, the Gold Crown, along with consistent above average RCI member comment card scores, the associate resorts offer a vacation exchange alternative located in sought after locations.  While the experience may be different than that of a Collection property, these resort vacation alternatives meet the standards of The Registry Collection program - providing you with even more vacation opportunities in destinations around the world. 
View associate resort destinations.

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